10 years old

Open Water Certified

Medical  Release if more  
than 12 months from last
medical report

Do you remember the
first          rule  of scuba?  Is

A. Be the first in and last out
of the water.

B. Always dive with a buddy.

C. Never hold your breath
D  Have equipment                  
serviced   annually.

We offer this Scuba Refresher at two locations.  First, a local pool; second
Lake Phoenix in Rawlings, VA.     Both sessions have a review of diving principles and the
Scuba Refresher material.   And both sessions practice the important scuba skills.

What is the difference?  At Lake Phoenix you get to Dive!  And after all that is what its
about.   There is no better way to touch-up those skills than by diving.  And we are there
to lead those dives (2).  Then you are free to dive some more.

You can choose text book learning or computer learning either online or on your tablet.
Scuba ReActivate
The Maryland Scuba Center
Please call to schedule your Scuba Refresher
The review is individually scheduled
See our pool schedule & Check out schedule (Lake Phoenix)
for possible dates for either location.
  I prefer Lake Phoenix  $135                                                        
(includes 1 day's admission)                                                      See OW Check-out schedule for dates
I prefer the Arundle Olympic
Swim Center. Two Hours.    

Use  Contact Us page or call 443 926 2030
& Skills                              & Skills                               
$75                                        $120