Open Water  (OW) Check-out Dives
We have fun!
Show your buoyancy
on the basketball court
Dunk it!!!  And Score.
How do you get to
Scuba School ?

You take the Scuba  bus
The Maryland Scuba Center
We dive Lake Phoenix, Virginia.

Visibility is greater and the water warmer.  

And the lake is full of platforms for skill testing plus buses, cars, boats, airplanes and a
helicopter to visit. There are navigation and recovery training areas.  Notice the diver
imaged upper left; no place else near here can you dive in a shorty!!

No place better in Maryland, Virginia,  or Pennsylvania to enjoy your check-out
experience.    There is camping and local hotels.
DAY 1  

10:30 am  Divers arrive


Open Water Dive #1

Enriched Air Classroom


Open Water Dive #2

Open Water Dive #3

Dinner/ Cook out

Camp Fire

8 AM    Open Water Dive #4

Debrief and paperwork
Open water certification

Add Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)
Sample Schedules
Schedule can be affected by weather
and the conducting of other classes:
AOW, Scuba Review, or Specialties
For students completing
these dives elsewhere  we
provide a referral at no
added cost.  Some local
PADI shops charge as much
as $50 for this service.

If you know where you are
going but unsure of who to
contact we can help you
find the right PADI Scuba

Buddy Special  10% discount for each buddy enrolling together.
Call if more than 2.  

Learn More.    Add the
Enriched Air Nitrox EAN  and really increase
your  max allowable bottom time

                                       Enrollment Closes 1 Week Prior to Start Date

                        Sept. 9-10                  Sept 30-Oct 1

Two (2) days entry

All life support equipment

All personal gear : mask
snorkel and fins

Tanks & air fills

Four (4) checkout dives

Certification application

Certification fee to PDI
hat is not included?
Lodging.  Most of us camp
for the one night.  Provides
for earlier start
and finish on Sunday.
Open Water Check-outs $265

Open Water Check-outs
with Nitrox added $390

Open Water Check-outs
Buddy Specials $480

Open Water Check-outs with
Nitrox & Buddy Special

Open Water Check-outs
Buddy Special 4 Pay Plan
$132.75 each
No Decompression
   Time Limits

Max. Allowable Bottom
    Time Limits

On Air               On EAN36 %

                80 ft.
30 minutes      55 minutes
2 hour surface interval
Now a "B" diver

                50 ft.
67 minutes       200 minutes

Total Time 2 Dives
Max. Allowable Bottom
   Time Limits
97 minutes      255 minutes