Can be added as an add-on course to Check Out or AOW dives
And you enjoy a $50 savings
Enriched Air: Nitrox
The Maryland Scuba Center
We offer the PADI EAN course as an add-on to any other certification course or on one of
our trips. It can even be added to dive #4 of your Open Water Certification
or your Advanced Open Water Dives.
You can do this add-on at the enrollment page for that course.

Or you can do the course as classroom only if you are a certified diver.

It is the most popular PADI Specialty course and can be
counted towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification

12 Years Old
Open Water Diver

Medical questionnaire if
more then 12 months
since last class
Air                                          Enriched Air           
25 minutes        90 ft              40 minutes

         1 hour  Surface Interval

38 minutes        60 ft              83 minutes

              Total Bottom Time
63 minutes                           123 minutes
content and reducing the
nitrogen content you can
increase your bottom time.

But with increased oxygen
you reduce the depth of
your dive to reduce risk of
oxygen toxicity.

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                                                           September 16        October 14        November 18

Individual $150                                    

Buddy Special $270

Purchase AnalogTester $298
Course is 50% discounted
$298+ $75= $373
Classes are scheduled for Saturdays 10am to 1pm
                             or Tu/Th evenings by appointment 6pm to 9pm
                                 Please call or email for Tu/Th appointment

Do the math

Bottom time X 2 =

Enjoyment x 2
The Maryland Scuba Center