Buddy Specials.  Add Nitorx and Save $50 off Enriched Air Nitrox

The AOW combines  Knowledge Reviews and five dives in a program designed to
advance your diving skills and introduce you to specialty diving.   Two dives are
required: deep and navigation.  We choose 3 additional dives from all the specialties
available: wreck, night, peak buoyancy, search and rescue, naturalist and others
depending upon the dive sites.

       No tests           Six Knowledge Reviews            Five Dive Specialties

This is the certification that dive charters look for when scheduling dives to depths
more than 60 feet. (Your basic OW cert is to 60 feet).

The series of 5 specialty dives can be performed over a period of time at several
locations.  Lake Phoenix can be the location for Navigation, Peak Performance Buoyancy
and Night dives.  Then do your Deep and Wreck dives in the Atlantic off the North
Carolina coast.  There are many  possibilities to get the best locations for your

                                      Any questions please call us @ 443 9262030
                        to schedule your diving growth through AOW
Advanced Open Water     AOW
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Hover in the diamond course
Improve your air usage by
improving your buoyancy
Hang time for Safety Stop
after a Deep Dive to a Wreck
The Maryland Scuba Center
Shark Awareness Specialty
North Carolina Diving
Yes, you can even pet them !
Conning Tower
German U boat sunk WWII
North Carolina Diving

What it includes:  Two days Lake entry, Advance Open Water Manual, whistle and
surface signaling device and loaner AOW DVD.  Instructor led discussion of  5  
Knowledge Reviews, and Instructor led 5 dives with debriefings. Application for

What is not included:  Life Support Equipment & Personal Gear : Mask-Snorkel-Fins
Lodging and Food

Your costs exclusive of dive boat charter fees if completed on boat dives.

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12 Years old
Open Water Diver

Medical Release if more than
12 months

There are 2 required dives

1. Deep

2. Navigation

Then three more Specialties
from list below:

*Are ideal for Lake Phoenix

Aware-Fish Identification
* Night
* Peak Performance
* Search and Recovery
Shark Awareness
Underwater Naturalist
* Underwater Photography
* Wreck

Your 5th dive will be on
Enriched Air Nitrox. (EAN)

This intro to EAN provides   
a starting point for your
EAN certification.
Advanced Open Water      $275                AOW  with Enriched Air        $395
Buddy Special 2 for           $495                Buddy Special with EAN         $710



Buddy Special

AOW with
Enriched Air

AOW  with
Enriched Air   
Buddy Special                     
                                        Sept 9-10                 Sept 30-Oct 1
     Lake Phoenix Schedule
Saturday  @ noon &  Sunday  @ 8 am