The Maryland Scuba Center
Open Water Certification: Knowledge & Skill Development
Five Reasons to choose
Maryland Scuba Center
#1 Value
Compare all costs. With low
rent we pass the savings on
to you.

We offer
Buddy Specials.
Enroll  with a friend and both
receive 10% off.

#2 Small Class Size
Instruction standards allow 10
students. This mean you
practice once and watch
9 times. A limited class size (6)
maximizes your time on skill
development and lowers the
number of pool sessions.

#3 Free Divers Alert
Insurance from the Dive
Medicine experts @ Divers
Alert Network provides
$20,000 decompression
insurance for free for 6
months or  end of your
check-out dives.

#4 Dive Training Magazine
Every student receives  free

#5 We Have Fun
We are currently scheduling through December 2017                  
  Enrollment Closes 1 Week Prior to Start Date
Hanging out in Belize
10 years old. Ten and eleven year olds
must dive with a certified parent after
their successful certification.

Those aged 10-11  years old and their
parent must participate in a Youth
Diving:  Responsibilities and Risk

All minors, under 18 years old, need
signed parental consent & co-signed
forms. These forms include:
1) A medical statement
2) A Statement of Safe Diving Practices
3) A Liability Release

All forms are mailed/ emailed with
confirmation of registration, training
pool schedule and any requirement for a
written final exam.
Knowledge & Skill Development are the first 2 parts of a 3 part basic certification course.
Your adventure begins with online Knowledge Development and continues with in water (pool)
development of the skills necessary for safe diving. This course is focused on the Knowledge
& Skills needed to take you to a depth of 60 ft.

Upon completion of these 2 parts you are ready for Part 3 Open Water Check-out Dives &
full certification as an Open Water Diver.  Schedule your check-out dives concurrently with
your Knowledge & Skill Development and receive a 10% discount on your check-out dives.
Call us for dates and discount.
What is included?
We provide all life support equipment: BCD & regs, &
tanks and all learning materials through online access.

You bring personal gear
This includes Mask-Snorkel and Fins (M_S_F) If you
do not have this gear we rent all for $20 per course.
Then during your pool dives we will provide different
types of masks and fins so you can make an educated
selection. And if you later purchase from us we
discount the
Special Student Pricing. bye that $20
rental fee. Most stores require prior purchases before
you can attend pool session or make an informed

Bathing suit and towel. A wet suit if you have one. A
t-shirt if you don't.

Schedules:  Skill development must be sequential.
We offer Wednesday-Monday evening pool sessions,
Sunday morning pool  sessions & a Sunday-Mon-
Wed--Sun mix so one can complete their skill
development in 8 days.
Pool is held at Arundel Olympic Swim Center 2690 Riva Road  Annapolis
Sunday Schedule
9:45 am-12:30pm Pool
Mon. &  Wed. Schedule
7:30 pm-10:00pm  Pool
PADI will require for online/touch students their name, important if this purchase is a gift, their email address (only 1 student
per address) their birthday in Day/ Month (spelled out)/ year order, phone number and selection of program for laptop
(online) or tablet (touch).  Please email this information to
Michael@MDSCUBA.COM so we can order from PADI and have
course access sent to the student.

If you need to register and have received the PADI access code as a gift please email us at above address or call
443 926-2030  Your course cost will be reduced.

Buddy Specials listed below provide a 10% course fee reduction for both of the two buddies who are enrolling.
If there are more than 2 registering please call so we can arrange the same discount for each participant.

Classes are scheduled for 5 sessions but most often take only 4 sessions. The 5th is scheduled on contingency that some event,
such as weather, causes pool closing and we then need another session.

Buddy Specials reflect a 10% discount for each Buddy
Classroom                    Online                           Classroom          l               Online    
Course                          Course                          Buddy Special                    Buddy Special    
$295                               $295                              $531                                      $531
For all classes please check the schedule published above.  M & W pool  times differ from Sunday
pool  times.  So Mixed classes (Sun-Mon-Wed-Sun) will have different times on Sundays than Mondays or
All Fall Pricing Reflects a 10% Discount
November Dates
Sunday Class
Nov 12, 19, 26
Dec 3 & 10 needed
Mixed Sun-M-W-Sun
Nov 12, 13, 15, 19
& 22 if needed
December Dates
Wed-Mon Class
Nov 29, Dec 4, 6, 11
&13 if needed
January Dates
Coming Soon