Yes, I  choose to rent  mask ,snorkel and fins for $20 for the course.  And I      
understand I am  eligible for a $20 credit if I purchase a student package.      


scuba max                                                          Oceanic


What is the difference?  For masks the
differences are visibility  and mask
clearing.  Masks come in single, double, and
triple lens models. The triple gives you
more peripheral vision. The double can
accommadate lens prescriptions if
required.  Some model masks have purge
valves which greatly increase the ease of
clearing and hands free clearing, getting
the water, out of the mask. The Oceanic sale
mask is a double lens Ion.

For snorkels the difference is water
entry.  The basic snorkel has water
entering the top of the tube when
you are underwater.  Today, many
snorkels are “dry” or “semi-dry.”  
They are built with flaps that close
and do not let water inside. Snorkels
listed are “dry.”
                         For fins the main difference is full foot or open heel.
Open heel fins weigh more and require
a boot be worn. Closed heel are lighter
and do not require a boot. (think airline
weight restrictions)  Closed heel are
limited however to warm water,
Caribbean, diving and are
uncomfortable in colder water.

 $20                                     Buddy Special $35
Mask, Snorkel &
Full Foot Fin
Student Discounted Cost

Mask, Snorkel &
Open Heel Fin
with 3mm high
top boots

Student Discounted Cost
Cost with Rental Credit

Cost with Rental Credit

Other Oceanic Benefits
Every Mask-Snorkel-Fin package comes with a
free mesh bag.
And the full price can be deducted from the
purchase oflife support equipment.
Conditions apply.