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The Maryland Scuba Center
Digital Underwater Photography
Purchase SeaLife disignated
equipment and the Level 1 is
               50% Off

The SeaLife discount  for Level
1  training is provided with
purchase of any SeaLife
under-water camera system
and 1 SeaDragon lamp.

Training is then provided on
your system. All images on this
web-site were taken with
SeaLife  cameras.
results with the equipment they need, how to
prepare their results early even if they have no
experience underwater photo system  and
basic methods  to use their equipment.  What
they need, how to prepare for the shot  while
diving in an environmentally friendly manner.  It
includes knowledge development and
simulated dives in confined/ pool water.


We start with how you enter the water while
protecting your photography equipment.   
Positioning yourself for the best well lite
images and the location of your subject within
that image.

Level Two Certification    
Here we will expand your
knowledge  to include file formats,
lighter or darker, downloading your
images into your computer and
adjusting them to look their best.  
Level 2  certification can be applied
to your Advanced Open Water or
your Master Scuba Diver cert. .  

Monday or Wednesday 6:30-10 pm

Sundays  8:30- noon  Or on a trip  

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