The Maryland Scuba Center
The Maryland Scuba  Center
Deep & Wreck Diving
provide you with many diving opportunities.  Historic wrecks off
months after Pearl Harbor. With your OW card you are certified
to 60' maximum depth.  With deep you go beyond 60 ft and
explore up to 130 ft.

Recommend the Deep Certification before the Wreck
certification.  Most wrecks are deeper than 60 ft so to get to
exploring them you need to be certified to beyond 60 ft.
Both the Deep and Wreck
dive certifications require
4 dives.  The first Deep and  
Wreck dives can be apart of
your Advanced Open Water.
Then complete your  
certification dives on a
weekend trip to NC where you
will dive Deep on the Wrecks
On the wreck of the
Rone  @ 80 ft in BVI

A diver on his throne

Wreck Alley vessel

1. All training materials. Text Book and loaner DVD
Knowledge Development. Reviews of end of chapter questions
3. Instructor led dives and skill reviews
4. Charter Fees for two days/ 4 dives
5. 100 cf tanks with Nitrox 30 fills
6. PADI certification fess

Pricing does not include:
1. Travel costs: estimated fuel for 15 hour round trip by car
2. Dining costs: 2 diners, 2 lunches & 2 breakfasts..............
Price for either deep or wreck
on weekend trip to NC

Call Us to Schedule @

443- 926 0230
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